Cold Stone Creamery

24/7 cake ordering

Project Overview

Cold Stone Creamery, an ice cream brand with 1100 locations, was looking to reach its full potential for advanced cake order sales without increasing staff to balance in-store traffic with phone orders. The team turned to Olo for a system that could grow sales volume without added strain on staff.

“Our goal all along has been to improve the customer experience and grow market share with online ordering. Olo has really helped us shape that vision and build toward it.”

Jana Schneider, VP of National Programs


Cold Stone was looking for a system that could facilitate payment and proper fulfillment with the highest level of PCI compliance. To eliminate waste on a high ticket item like ice cream cakes, payment needed to be taken at the time of the order. The brand believed they could handle more volume and support after hours sales by turning to digital ordering and payment.


Deploying online cake ordering has given Cold Stone sales a boost, with a website that now handles orders 24/7. Store managers enjoy being able to easily update menus and store information on the Olo Dashboard. Customers are happy too: 82% of surveyed customers said that they intend to order more often as a result of the convenience of the platform.

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