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Project Overview

Cousins Subs, Milwaukee-based sandwich chain with over 150 locations, had gotten started with digital ordering and was ready for an upgrade. The brand needed a more self-service offering that would work as an off-premise sales channel while decreasing the administrative burden of the online ordering system. Looking to expand the reach of the program, Cousins’ innovative marketing department looked to various channels like location-based marketing to drive customer acquisition. Today, digital customers spend over 70% more per order than in-store occasions.

“Since switching to Olo, we definitely see an impact on total sales. From a functionality standpoint, we’re seeing a lot of repeat orders since people like the site a lot more.”

Matthew Somoles, Director of Field Services


Cousins Subs was live with online ordering - but was ready for more advanced functionality and a dynamic mobile offering. Behind the scenes, IT resources at the brand-level were saddled with making manual menu changes for operators. The new ordering platform also called for better sales reporting and insights.


Cousins relaunched their online ordering website and worked with Olo to release mobile apps in iOS and Android. In the first three months following the relaunch, same store digital sales increased 33%, made possible by features like guest ordering and the upsell tool which helps customers round out purchases with sides and extras. Repeat orders have also increased.

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