Noodles & Company

Off premise convenience

Project Overview

Noodles & Company, a fast casual restaurant brand with over 400 domestic locations across 31 states, turned to Olo as a means to introduce new convenience to off-premise customers. With longer prep times for many of the brand’s pasta dishes, deploying digital ordering allowed Noodles & Company’s menu to be as fast and convenient as any quick service offering. Guests can Skip the Line® and go right to a VIP pickup area for fully custom orders from Noodles’ international kitchen.


Noodles & Company needed a solution that would scale with its success. Following the brand’s IPO, the brand looked to digital ordering to cater to off-premise customers. The brand began utilizing online ordering with another provider, but switched to Olo with a need for quick development capabilities and the ability to support its operational complexity.


Following the new app release, Google Play and iTunes users have called the mobile experience “the best mobile ordering app yet.” Web and mobile orders continue to skyrocket as the brand tests new channels to service off-premise customers.

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