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Top restaurants are prioritizing guest lifetime value

Gain a deeper understanding of guest lifetime value, why it matters more than ever for restaurants, and how to use it to propel your business forward.

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60% of your revenue is driven by 20% of guests

Why guest lifetime value matters

Do you know who your most valuable guests are? And no, we’re not referring to loyalty members. Top restaurants know their guest lifetime value (GLV)—or how much revenue each guest generates throughout their relationship with the brand—and use that intel to drive profitable acquisition, retention, and growth. Why? Because a small portion of guests can immensely impact your bottom line.

What you’ll learn in this ebook

If you’re new to the concept of guest lifetime value or simply looking for fresh ways to leverage the metric across your business, this ebook can help.

What is GLV and how to get it

Find out why leading restaurants now view GLV as the real north-star metric and how your brand can access this essential guest insight.

GLV benchmark data

See how order recency, frequency, and spend can impact restaurant success—and how purchase behavior can vary by service model and food type.

How to increase and use GLV

Learn how to increase GLV and, therefore, revenue by focusing on individual guest behavior and leveraging those insights across departments.

What it means to master guest lifetime value

In this 2-minute video, leaders from bartaco, California Fish Grill, and First Watch share how GLV is changing the way they run their restaurants and driving better results.

Ready to use guest lifetime value to grow your business?

Collect, analyze, and act on guest data with Engage, Olo’s restaurant data and marketing platform.