Optimize your front-of-house


Wait time estimate accuracy


Decrease in Waitlist abandonment


Ranked, taps to complete a task

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Learn why (and how) leading brands are focusing on building a restaurant tech stack that digitizes every transaction, captures more data, and grows guest lifetime value.


Tailor every guest’s dining experience to their personal preferences and behavior—no matter who’s on duty.

Our all-in-one solution makes it easy to manage your waitlist, reservations, table assignments, and incoming orders so you can focus on delighting guests and fostering loyalty.

Manage all parties in one place
CRM-powered personalization
Automated guest communication
Use quote accuracy to retain guests
HOST features

Manage your guests with ease

Think of Host as mission control for your restaurant staff. Track reservations, provide real-time updates to guests, seat tables, switch shifts, and manage all orders from a single iPad app compatible with:


Online ordering





Personalize the guest experience

Our connected CRM adds guest notes, visit history, and previous feedback to guest profiles, allowing your staff to make every guest feel like a regular. Greet guests by name, anticipate needs, spot VIPs, and acknowledge special occasions—regardless of who’s working.

Reduce manual work for staff

Spend less time messing with screens and more time connecting with guests with our intuitive iPad app, specifically designed for busy restaurants.

Fewer taps per task

Eliminates wait time guesswork

Sends guests live updates and post-visit surveys

Streamlines staff communication

Meet guests where they are

Enable guests to join your waitlist or make a reservation with one click no matter where they search. Offer direct booking on your website, Google Business Profile, and social pages so you own the relationship and pay zero fees.

Customers who use Host

We’ve gained access to valuable insights like GLV, which enable us to not only customize the dining experience but also to tailor our culinary innovation and growth to the preferences and desires of our guests. That’s a huge unlock.
Orders from several internal and external channels are now easily manageable on Expo. With Host, we’ve simplified the process of welcoming guests and optimized our operations to run as smoothly as possible.
Olo has nearly single-handedly changed the game in our restaurant group. Their Host and Guest Engagement solutions have supercharged our ability to run our dining rooms while also engaging with internal and external feedback.

Restaurant growth starts here

Optimize your front-of-house with Host.