Manage feedback and track trends


Aggregated review sources


of guests consider online reviews influential


Workstream to manage all your reviews and feedback


Listen, analyze, and adapt to feedback in real-time to gain a deep understanding of the “why” behind guest satisfaction.

Leverage your aggregated insights to foster brand loyalty, win back unhappy guests, and turn review sites into reliable acquisition channels.

Aggregate and respond to feedback
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Solicit more positive reviews
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Uncover emerging trends
Automate actionable reporting
SENTIMENT features

Manage all your reviews in one place

Ensure your brand consistently exceeds guest expectations with streamlined review monitoring that eliminates the need to log into review platforms one by one. Popular review sites include:







Yellow Pages

Harness direct guest feedback

Use automated surveys to collect first-party data, intercept and engage with negative feedback to prevent churn, and encourage happy guests to share their experiences on review sites to boost your online visibility.

Create a culture of guest-centricity

Proactively build a 5-star reputation across all your restaurant locations by making it simple for stakeholders to understand and take action on guest feedback in real time.

Automate the organization, delegation, and escalation of incoming reviews

Use sentiment analysis to understand what’s driving positive and negative experiences

Ensure brand consistency with generative AI and pre-approved response libraries 

Dynamically personalize responses with guest names, store locations, and other details

Spot trends before they impact sales

Increase guest satisfaction, frequency, and retention with dynamic dashboards and schedulable reports that unlock data-driven decision-making. Plus, discover how your brand reputation stacks up against the competition across key metrics like average response time, total reviews, and guest sentiment.

Customers who use Sentiment

Olo has nearly single-handedly changed the game in our restaurant group. Their Host and Guest Engagement solutions have supercharged our ability to run our dining rooms while also engaging with internal and external feedback.

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Manage feedback and track trends with Sentiment.