Personalize your restaurant marketing


Open rate on automated welcome emails


Re-order rate from automated reminders for takeout


Of guests drive ~30% of total revenue


Make every guest communication feel like it came from a friend.

Our all-in-one restaurant marketing engine gives you the power to manage guest data via CRM, automate communications, and build segments with ease. Send personalized messages, improve campaign targeting, and unlock business insights such as guest lifetime value (LTV) at scale.

Restaurant-specific CRM
Powerful guest segmentation
Email, SMS, and push notifications
Drive acquisition and retention
MARKETING features

Create complex guest segments

Quickly build guest segments based on 50+ combinable attributes, such as churn risk, LTV, and purchase behavior, for campaign targeting on any channel.

Learn who your most valuable guests are

Measure changes in recency, frequency, and spend

Refine your ad targeting and lookalike audiences

Utilize Smart Tags that travel with guests across Olo

Launch pre-built marketing automations

Every guest interaction provides the opportunity to personalize marketing communications. Leverage our library of recommended automations to send hyper-relevant emails, SMS campaigns, push notifications, and post-visit surveys to your guest segments.

Learn and improve with campaign data

Consolidate your campaign data for accurate and easy analysis. Using the analytics suite, brands can evaluate the effectiveness of marketing messaging and dig into the outcomes of campaigns.

See how campaign spend relates to purchase behavior

Measure effect on LTV, not just first visit spend

Get third-party demographic details for a comprehensive snapshot of your guests

Make smarter marketing investments

Tailor messaging to boost retention

Ensure that each guest segment becomes more valuable to your brand over time with 1:1 campaigns that influence their behavior in a positive way.

Customers who use Marketing

Leveraging the insights surfaced from our unified guest data, we were able to identify the optimal time to re-engage guests who typically ordered online. The spike in sales after receiving our automated email speaks volumes.

Restaurant growth starts here

Personalize your guest communications with Marketing.