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First Watch is an award-winning daytime dining restaurant concept serving made-to-order breakfast, brunch, and lunch using fresh ingredients. The brand proactively invested in restaurant technology to meet the increasing demand for off-premise dining, as well as to boost guest recency, frequency, spend, and the overall experience.


Lift in spend by email recipients over 30 days, with a surge in sales one day after receiving


Spent—online and in-person—by 48K email recipients within 90 days of automation


Of people who clicked on the email transacted within 90 days


Of people who opened the email transacted within 90 days


In response to a growing portion of the brand’s same-store sales coming from its newly launched off-premise ordering options, First Watch looked to test winning marketing strategies aimed at keeping up their sales momentum by driving guests who ordered online to make a repeat order—within a shorter-than-average guest frequency.

Results with Olo


Unified Guest Data

Olo's suite of marketing solutions combined with online ordering, POS, and payment processor integrations, enabled First Watch to collect and unify its guest data.


Behavior Analysis

First Watch could then analyze guest frequency and use those insights to launch hyper-targeted, behavior-based marketing campaigns. For example, the brand was able to determine, based on average visit frequency, the optimal timeframe in which to hit a guest’s inbox for conversion.


Automated Marketing Campaigns

With this intel, First Watch created a marketing email that would automatically send to guests 14 days after they placed an online order, inviting them to order again. Because First Watch can view email recipient spend—both online and in-person—the campaign outcomes prove measurable ROI.

Leveraging the insights surfaced from our unified guest data, we were able to identify the optimal time to re-engage guests who typically ordered online. The spike in sales immediately after receiving our automated email, strategically timed based on each guest’s unique frequency, speaks volumes.
Matt Eisenacher, SVP Brand Strategy & Innovation
First Watch

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