Din Tai Fung



Din Tai Fung is a world-renowned Chinese restaurant brand specializing in Xiao Long Bao or soup dumplings. In addition to using our Order and Engage product suites, the brand was one of the early adopters of the Borderless checkout feature of Olo Pay. Since launching Borderless, Din Tai Fung has seen widespread guest adoption—plus, an increase in order frequency, guest sign-ins, and saved cards during checkout.


more orders expected per Borderless guest throughout the year


lift in guest sign-ins before placing an order


increase in guests saving their cards on file for future purchases


Din Tai Fung first came to Olo in 2020 for Ordering. The brand went on to add Rails, Dispatch, Expo, Host, Switchboard, GDP, and Olo Pay to its tech stack. Then, in July 2022, Din Tai Fung became one of the first brands to launch the Borderless feature of Olo Pay. 

Borderless enables guests to securely sign in and speed through checkout—without having to remember a password or re-enter their payment information whenever they order from a restaurant in the Borderless network.

In the seven months following its implementation, 60,000 Din Tai Fung guests created a Borderless account. Since then, Borderless has positively impacted order frequency, guest sign-ins, and saved cards during checkout.

Results with Olo


Lift in Orders Per Guest Using Borderless

Due to the convenient checkout process, existing guests who signed up with Borderless are likely to place 61% more orders throughout the year—or 1.5 more orders per existing guest—compared to those who have not signed up for Borderless.


Increase in Guest Sign-Ins

After Borderless was enabled, Din Tai Fung saw guest sign-ins (Olo legacy and Borderless) before placing an order jump from 31% to 65%—a 109% increase. This strong guest engagement has driven the increase in orders.


More Guests Saving Cards on File

With the introduction of Borderless, more Din Tai Fung guests are opting to save their credit cards on file for smoother checkouts in the future.


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