Ruby Slipper



Ruby Slipper Restaurant Group operates Ruby Slipper Café and Ruby Sunshine, specializing in New Orleans-style breakfast and brunch. Ruby Slipper leverages Olo Host to effectively manage its busy restaurants and Marketing for real-time guest communication.


Reduction in texts sent manually by hosts to guests


No-show parties auto-removed from the waitlist


Minutes saved during peak hours at the host stand


With three- to four-hour wait times at some of its busiest locations, Ruby Slipper needed a way to keep its waitlist clean, reduce manual work for hosts, and boost guest satisfaction with more accurate wait quotes and real-time updates.

Our Host and Marketing solutions support the brand’s front-of-house staff—especially at peak-volume times—by eliminating tedious tasks, keeping guests informed, and enabling parties to be seated faster. All in all, the team is able to work more efficiently and spend more time directly engaging with guests.

Results with Olo


A Cleaner, More Manageable Waitlist

Olo Host automatically removes no-shows from Ruby Slipper’s waitlist to reduce clutter and ensure that estimated wait times aren’t skewed.


Informed Guests are Happy Guests

Our marketing automation tool triggers a sequence of customizable reminder texts, encouraging guests on the waitlist to return to be seated quickly. By reducing the number of manual texts sent by the host to guests, the team can work more efficiently.


Improved Wait Quote Accuracy

Olo’s SmartQuote algorithm has increased wait quote accuracy by 6%, resulting in faster turn times and happier guests.

At Ruby Slipper, our guests’ experience is our top priority. In the past, we have had to rely on keyboard shortcuts and other workarounds to manage our waitlist while trying to maintain focus on our guests. Olo Host does the tedious tasks like marking no-shows and manually texting guests so our hosts can focus on the guest experience.
Frances Bodet Saunders, Director of Quality & Operational Systems
Ruby Slipper Restaurant Group

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