BelAir Cantina



BelAir Cantina is a popular Mexican restaurant with six locations in Wisconsin, known for its tacos, margaritas, and laid-back atmosphere. The brand relies on Olo Host and Guest Engagement to run its busy dining rooms, keep guests informed and happy, and manage feedback.


Parties seated and 51K guest profiles created


Increase in guest feedback engagement


Increase in wait quote accuracy


With a steady flow of guests and a flexible work culture that accommodates students, BelAir Cantina needed restaurant software that was easy to use and required minimal training. The brand was specifically looking for a dining room management solution, waitlist, and a tool for collecting and responding to guest feedback.

Results with Olo


Overall Impact

Using Host and Guest Engagement, BelAir Cantina can effectively manage its on- and off-premise parties in one place and enhance the guest experience through real-time updates, more accurate wait quotes, and direct engagement with feedback.


Experience Using Host

Host provides BelAir Cantina with one streamlined system for dining room management that’s easy to use and train. Guests can join the waitlist remotely and receive automated, real-time updates so they know exactly where they are in line. Restaurant staff can communicate with guests via two-way texting, and our SmartQuote algorithm removes wait quote guesswork. Since launch, team members have reported increased confidence using Host, less stress about quoting incorrectly, and a renewed sense of pride in serving guests with transparent feedback.


Experience Using Guest Engagement

With our Guest Engagement solutions, BelAir Cantina can create and deploy automated feedback surveys via text or email, directly from Olo, for real-time guest input. Restaurant managers use Sentiment to view and respond directly to guest feedback from multiple sources (surveys, Google reviews, social media, etc.) in a single dashboard. Additionally, guest profile context from the CRM can be used to analyze trends, and praise and coach their team.

Olo has nearly single-handedly changed the game in our restaurant group. Their Host and Guest Engagement solutions have supercharged our ability to run our dining rooms while also engaging with internal and external feedback. It’s the first and only technology that our staff has been excited to use. And their implementation—the whole process of getting us comfortable, ready, and feeling supported—was by far the best experience I’ve ever had.
Jack Woznick, Director of Training & Development
BelAir Cantina

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