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Dispatch Delivery

A food delivery
network for the future

Excited about driving new revenue with delivery, but not so sure about the operational challenges? Dispatch allows you to enable delivery by tapping into a national network of approved delivery service providers, with the controls you need. The delivery landscape is moving quickly - Dispatch keeps you in control.

  • We've got you covered

    Dispatch connects popular delivery service providers on one platform. Multi-location restaurant brands with large footprints are no longer limited to fragmented market coverage. Dispatch reviews available couriers and presents the best option to the customers.

  • Set the rules

    Delivery happens on your terms. Don’t want your cuisine in transit for more than 20 minutes? Want to set fee limits or manage which partners deliver on your behalf? Manage it all through Dispatch.

  • Fire orders from your app

    Customers stay on-brand, on secure rails to the kitchen. Orders are placed on your site or app as usual. Boost digital average ticket size without operational impact.

  • Synchronized with the kitchen

    If you also cringe at the idea of delivery couriers standing in line and manually placing orders on the customer's behalf, we’re with you. Orders are prepared and handed off at the right time - whether the order is placed for ASAP or future.

Partner Friendly

Dispatch can be utilized as an extension of an existing online ordering program or as a standalone service through our API. We are constantly adding delivery providers and other partners to the Dispatch mega fleet.

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Dispatch can be used as an extension of an existing digital ordering program, with orders simply being handed off to a courier instead of a customer.


Link into Olo’s extensive POS, Payment, and Loyalty integrations when used in concert with Olo ordering. Secure and speedy, now for delivery.


Create a dream user experience by setting controls over transit time, fees, or use cases - such as only for handling overflow of the restaurant’s fleet.


Deliver great experiences on any interface. Dispatch is currently utilized on web, mobile web, and mobile app frameworks today.

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