Dispatch + Rails

Delivery On Your Terms

A food delivery
network for the future

Excited about unlocking new revenue with delivery, but not so sure about the operational challenges? Olo helps streamline orders originating on both branded sites/apps and third-party marketplaces. Dispatch lets you set the controls your brand needs and tap into a network of matching providers to fulfill deliveries and boost incremental sales. Rails extends delivery control out to third-party marketplace orders by integrating third-party orders to POS and other existing systems.

  • We've got you covered

    Dispatch connects popular third-party delivery service providers on one platform that covers over 50% of U.S. population, from small towns to big cities. Delivery bids are submitted in real time and customers are matched with the best available courier option upon checkout.

  • Set the rules

    Delivery happens on your terms. Don’t want your cuisine in transit for more than 20 minutes? Want to set fee limits or manage which partners deliver on your behalf? Manage it all through Dispatch.

  • In sync with the kitchen

    No more delivery couriers lined up to place orders in your stores. Orders fired to the kitchen to be prepared and handed off at the right time with little impact to the in-store environment.

  • From store to door in 700 seconds

    Point-to-point transit time is less than 12 minutes on average once the courier collects the order, meaning food arrives hot and fast while driving up your average ticket size.

Partner Friendly

We are constantly adding delivery providers and other partners to our Dispatch and Rails networks. Talk to us for our current partnerships and how your couriers can use Olo's SKIP THE LINE delivery services to decrease their trip times.

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Dispatch can be used with Olo ordering or layered onto an existing digital ordering program. Rails lets you integrate marketplaces in a way that works for your brand.


Leverage Olo’s extensive POS, Payment, and Loyalty integrations in a way that meets your needs.


Build your dream user experience by setting controls over transit time, fees, or use cases - such as only for handling overflow from your own fleet.


Deliver great experiences on any interface. Olo’s delivery services are currently utilized on web, mobile web, mobile app, and third-party destinations today.

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