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Your Guide
to Restaurant Marketing Success

Start maximizing ROI and doing more with less—no matter the size of your brand or digital maturity level—with the ultimate guide to restaurant marketing.

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In this guide

Strategies to level up in 4 focus areas: data, audiences, content distribution, and loyalty

Interactive checklists to help you track your progress throughout the year

Tips for leveraging guest data across your entire business—from your menu to real estate

What you'll learn

Whether you’re just starting your marketing journey or looking for new levers to pull, we’ve got you covered.


Learn how to collect guest data, build a healthy subscriber list, execute batch-and-blast emails, and set your loyalty program up for success.


Find out how to optimize for guest engagement, drive down ad costs with guest segments, launch lifecycle automations, and tailor loyalty offers.


From guest-specific upsell suggestions to passwordless checkouts, brands layering in strategy at every juncture in the digital journey stand to see the biggest gains.

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