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Future-Proofing Your Restaurant With a Digital-First Strategy

Hear industry leaders discuss how restaurants are leveraging technology to meet guest expectations, optimize their business, and maximize revenue.

About this webinar

Leading restaurant brands recognize today’s guests aren’t just tech-savvy—they’re digital-first and trending to stay that way. To meet evolving guest expectations and optimize their business, they’re future-proofing their tech stacks with strategic, guest-centric digital solutions.

Watch our webinar with Nation’s Restaurant News to hear leaders from Kahala Brands, WaBa Grill, and Olo discuss:

What it means to be 100% digital

Different ways restaurants are rising to the challenges facing the industry

How to build an end-to-end digital strategy that enhances efficiency, profitability, and the overall guest experience

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Courtney Maxedon from Kahala Brands

Courtney Maxedon

VP of Interactive Marketing

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Adam Kinsinger from Waba Grill

Adam Kinsinger

Director of Technology

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Jo Lambert from Olo

Jo Lambert

Chief Operating Officer

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Alan Liddle from NRN

Alan Liddle

Contributing Event Content Editor & Moderator

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