May 2, 2024
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Introducing the New and Improved Olo Community

This article outlines:

An overview of the enhanced Olo Community experience

Restaurant leaders share how they’ve benefited from participating in the Community

How Olo customers can join

We created the Olo Community in 2022 after witnessing the spirit of camaraderie at our annual customer conference, Beyond4. We wanted to create a space online for our restaurant customers to exchange knowledge, seek support, influence product development, and network—regardless of time or location and at no additional charge.

Since launch, we’ve facilitated fruitful roundtable discussions—from upselling strategies to personalizing the digital-first guest experience to leveraging data and AI—and unleashed the power of relationship-building in the restaurant industry. But we knew we’d only scratched the surface of what was possible.


Today we’re excited to unveil a new and improved Olo Community experience designed for even more collaborative learning, professional growth, and participation in Community- and Olo-led events. Here are a few ways we’ve enhanced the experience for our customers.

New Features of the Olo Community

  • Networking: Discover and message fellow Olo customers who are in or near your location
  • Events: Access Olo- and Community-led events—roundtables, product feedback sessions, networking, etc.—or host your own
  • Community feed: View the latest Olo Community happenings in one, easy-to-read list
  • Roadmap input: Help shape Olo’s roadmap in real time by voting and commenting on upcoming product features
  • Feature requests: Request new features and vote or comment on others’ requests to help Olo prioritize high-value product enhancements
  • Device compatibility: Easily access the Olo Community via desktop or mobile device
  • Chat room: Talk to industry peers, ask questions, and share knowledge
  • Direct access to Olo: Connect with Olo employees across departments
  • Rewards: Unlock rewards—including press, webinar, and speaking opportunities, feature previews, social media highlights, and invite-only event access—by actively participating and making positive contributions to the Community

This exciting new chapter for the Olo Community would not have been possible without the support and input of restaurant leaders like Leah Arp, Director of Brand Innovation at Your Pie, and Adam Kinsinger, Director of Information Technology at WaBa Grill.

We asked Leah and Adam to share their experience in the Olo Community and why it's a valuable resource for restaurant brands.


Q&A with Olo Community Members Leah Arp and Adam Kinsinger

Why did you join the Olo Community?

Leah Arp: I joined the Olo Community to expand my learning beyond traditional industry sources like trade magazines or websites. Real peer-to-peer interactions, thought sharing, and collaborations offer deeper insights and make for more impactful strategizing for our brand roadmaps.

Adam Kinsinger: Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of restaurant technology presents a unique set of challenges. Integrating technical solutions seamlessly into our structured back-of-house operations isn’t always straightforward. As a small team, we often grapple with limited resources and lengthy testing cycles. But our journey took an exciting turn when we joined the Olo community.

What are some of the benefits of being a member?

LA: Access to a broader network within and beyond Olo’s sphere provides valuable industry connections. Observing the strategic directions of other brands offers fresh perspectives to enhance our own. Additionally, the Community provides curated, relevant information, sparing members from inbox clutter and irrelevant LinkedIn content.

AK: Engaging with leaders from diverse backgrounds and operational contexts has been eye-opening. The Olo community fosters dialogue, enriching our understanding of technology’s role in the restaurant industry. It’s more than just a network; it’s a brain trust that propels us forward. Whether it’s tackling technical hurdles or staying ahead of the curve, the Olo Community’s insights have been invaluable.


What have you learned from peers in the Olo Community?

LA: I’ve gained insight into strategies for menu management—including approaches to handling 86ing, upselling, categorization, etc.—and balancing remodels to accommodate off-premise and dine-in business. It’s also been beneficial to talk with peers who have knowledge of and experiences with other technology partners and how they are utilized to streamline operations.

AK: The Olo community extends beyond individual capabilities. Learning from others’ successes (and failures) has allowed us to tailor strategies to our brand. Imagine having a pool of unbiased peers to consult when selecting tech partners. It’s a backstage pass to practical solutions and innovative ideas—far beyond what a typical knowledge base offers.

At its core, the Olo Community is about camaraderie. We share a common goal: enhancing guest satisfaction, operational efficiency, and hospitality. This shared purpose encourages open communication and collaboration. We’re not just solving problems; we’re building connections.

How has your involvement helped you and your brand?

LA: Seeing industry peers validate similar conclusions and focus areas bolsters my confidence in recommendations and ideas. Observing the successes and failures of others allows for the refinement and optimization of our tactics and approaches.

AK: Our involvement in the Olo Community has refined our business strategies. But it’s also been a catalyst for personal growth. Insights gained from interactions with fellow members have shaped our digital engagement approach, strengthened the WaBa Grill brand, and helped me better realize a vision of using technology to deliver excellent hospitality.


How to join the Olo Community

To maintain the integrity of the Olo Community and ensure everyone feels free to ask for help and share knowledge, membership is restricted to customers. If your restaurant brand currently uses Olo and you’d like to join the Community, contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance. 

Not using Olo yet? Reach out to start a conversation.

The Olo community fosters dialogue, enriching our understanding of technology’s role in the restaurant industry. It’s more than just a network; it’s a brain trust that propels us forward.
Adam Kinsinger, Director of Information Technology
WaBa Grill

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