2024 Spring Release

The latest Olo enhancements enabling restaurants to win more guests, streamline operations, and improve guest experiences

Watch this short video to see Olo’s product experts unveil Q1 enhancements at our annual customer conference, Beyond4.

Released in Q4 2023

Each quarter, Olo releases a number of product enhancements—aligning customers’ evolving needs with our long-term vision and strategy to develop a roadmap that delivers tomorrow’s technology today.

In Q4 2023, Olo rolled out eight major enhancements focused on helping restaurant operators unlock new revenue streams and create a more seamless, convenient ordering experience
for guests.

Major Features Released in Q1 2024

In Q1 2024, Olo rolled out 13 major enhancements focused on helping restaurant operators unlock new revenue streams and create more seamless, convenient experiences for guests. 

Dynamic, Personalized Suggestions for Guests Powered by AI

This new ordering feature empowers brands to increase guest engagement and average order value (AOV) by providing personalized suggestions to guests during the ordering and checkout process—with no manual implementation or upkeep.

By intelligently recommending items based on contextual factors such as order history, location menu, and current cart contents, smart cross-sells eliminate the struggle of navigating extensive menus, increase guest engagement, and lead to higher average transactions. A recent test conducted by Olo showed smart cross-sells accounted for 10% more in basket value on average than static cross-sells.

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Production Sheets

This new feature provides an intuitive interface that allows you to map ingredients and related quantities to products in your menu. Production sheets can be used by kitchens to prep for large-volume orders—or quantify the ingredients and items needed to fulfill upcoming orders for a given period of time. 

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Fundraiser Coupons

Requested and already implemented by dozens of brands looking to make a positive impact on the communities they serve, the fundraiser coupon type is now available in the coupon manager tool. This feature enables Brand Marketing Managers to track and reconcile fundraiser campaigns directly within the Olo Dashboard.

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Now Available to All Olo Customers

Brands looking to solve labor challenges and boost in-store ticket size can now leverage self-service ordering kiosks with Olo Pay. Preceding POS-integrated payments, which will become available later this year, card-present payments with Olo Pay will enable brands to begin processing 100% of orders through Olo.

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More Features Released in Q1 2024

Marketing Attribution Reporting

Brands looking to better understand the ROI behind marketing efforts can now use the revamped attribution reporting in Engage Marketing to easily view how email campaigns influence guest behavior. The attribution reporting enables brands to:

  • Measure impact on orders and spend for campaigns and automations
  • Analyze multiple campaigns and automations at once
  • View orders and spend by day using a flexible attribution window
  • Adjust attribution to be based on delivered, opened, and clicked emails

Contact List Management

This new feature complements the ability to build custom segments in the Engage dashboard, enabling brands to create, manage, and maintain lists of subscribed guests to provide more flexibility in executing marketing campaigns quickly and easily. Brand admins are now able to subscribe guests to contact lists, while other platform users can send campaigns to all guests included in those contact lists.

Campaign Link Click Analytics

This new Engage Marketing feature enables brands to gain granular insights into the specific content elements within email campaigns that drive website traffic. Tracking and analyzing campaign link clicks makes it easier than ever to A/B test email layouts and content formats to see what drives guest frequency + retention, so you can continuously refine your marketing campaign strategy.

Guest Profile Enhancements

The enhanced Guest Data Platform user interface makes it even easier for brands to develop a comprehensive view of each guest—from anonymous to known—across all channels and platforms in real time. GDP now features:

  • Additional CRM data like Smart Properties and Smart Tags
  • A new Analytics overview tab with KPIs like lifetime spend and likelihood to churn
  • A Contact Lists tab that shows the guest’s email subscriptions
  • The legacy Timeline tab that displays each guest’s previous interactions with a brand in a chronological timeline

Gross Settlement Pricing for Card-Present Payments Through Olo Pay

This feature enables brands to match daily payouts with POS sales, reducing teams of daily reconciliation tasks and further simplifying reporting. The gross settlement payout model for card-present payment processing through Olo Pay provides brands with daily payouts that contain their total accepted payments for a given day.

Olo Pay: CSV Export Feature for Enhanced Dispute Management

Brands on Olo Pay can now easily export and download dispute data into a CSV file directly from the Olo Dashboard. This feature allows brands to leverage advanced analysis tools like Excel to gain insights into their win/loss ratio, dispute trends, and more.

Catering+: House Accounts Checkout

Whereas house accounts could previously only be used to pay for call-in orders, brands can now control whether authorized guests can pay using house account credentials while placing orders online. This feature is available both on Olo's white-label front-end ordering experience, Serve, and Olo's Ordering API for brands partnering with custom front-end developers.

Modifier Images

To help guests visualize the modifiers they are adding to their order, Olo Ordering brands can now assign images to modifiers via the Menu Image Manager and retrieve the image data via Olo’s Ordering API.

Static Cross-Sells: Products with Modifiers Now Available on Serve

With this feature, brands can now include products containing modifiers as part of their cross-sell strategy on Serve. Customers can request specific products with modifiers as well as specify which platform(s) they'd like their cross sell groups to be displayed in.

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Innovation Impact Spotlight:

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Increase in Lead Time Quote Accuracy + Conversion

Rolled out in our Summer 2023 Release, this feature leverages Olo's machine-learning-based solution—which trains and retrains models based on historical order data to provide more accurate quote times to guests. Since implementing OrderReady AI, P.F. Chang's has seen an immediate impact on key operational metrics, including:


Lead time quote accuracy


Order conversion rate


Reduction in manual lead-time extensions


Higher Response Rates + Win Rates with Automated Disputes

In our Winter Release, we noted the impressive increase in dispute response rates following the launch of Olo’s automated dispute response feature in Q3 2023. To date, we’re excited to report continued improvements to critical fraud management metrics, demonstrating the feature is helping brands retain more revenue without having to manually review or contest chargebacks themselves.


Increase in dispute response rates


Increase in dispute win rates

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