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Joanna Lambert

Chief Operating Officer

2023 Summer Release

It’s a thrill to join Olo this month and see all of the customer-focused enhancements released over the last quarter. The team is passionate about helping restaurants drive scale and personalization—and there are numerous examples of both in the releases detailed below.

We hope you’ll take some time to learn more about what’s available to Olo customers—either by reading the details on this page, reviewing our press release, or by watching our recent release webinar and hearing directly from Olo experts. There’s a lot of new value to take in, and we look forward to sharing even more next quarter! 

Watch Olo’s Summer Release Event

In this 30-minute video, you can hear directly from Olo experts about key enhancements released over the last quarter and learn how you can best use them for your brand.

New Features Released in Q2 2023

Process 100% of orders through digital channels

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Card-present payments via Kiosk

Use the power of fully brandable, self-service ordering kiosks with Olo Pay to conquer labor challenges and boost in-store ticket size. Olo Pay’s expansion into card-present payments serves as a catalyst that will simplify reconciliation, refunding, and voiding processes while enabling brands to begin processing 100% of orders through digital channels.

Bring accelerated checkout to loyalty

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Borderless/loyalty linking

Provide your guests with the ability to earn and redeem loyalty rewards while enjoying the accelerated and passwordless checkout experience provided by Borderless. Available to all Olo Pay brands on Serve, Borderless now easily integrates with most third-party loyalty programs.

20% increase in quoting accuracy

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OrderReady AI

Make quoting more accurate with Olo’s machine-learning-based solution to provide more accurate quote times to guests. By training and deploying models using historical order data, and retraining them on a regular basis, vendors will have more accurate ready time predictions than manual input-based features.

reduce manual work for operators

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Automated guest refunds in Dispatch

Dispatch users can now enable automated guest refunds on a per-store basis in the Olo Dashboard. This new feature reduces manual work for operators and helps recover guests by automatically issuing a refund if the guest never received their order and the DSP has provided a full credit to the store.

optimize in store operations

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Rails anonymized guest contact information

Brands now have the ability to connect to their guests in a timely manner without having to reach out to the Marketplace first. In-store staff can now dial an anonymized phone number alongside an extension to resolve issues directly with their guests.

preview of Olo dashboard

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Olo Dashboard enhanced user management

Corporate users now have enhanced settings permissions, allowing more granular controls. This lets them better manage high-risk settings such as: Store Hours, Store Information, Lead Time Extension, Order Throttling, Bulk Order Throttling, Store Custom Fees, and Quote Time Override/Quote Time Schedule.

speed up the onboarding process

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Olo Pay native onboarding

Olo Pay’s newly improved onboarding process provides brands with a convenient onboarding experience directly through the Olo Dashboard. With enhanced security protection and the ability to progress through the process at your own pace, this enhancement makes onboarding easier than ever.

payout report

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Olo Pay detailed payout report

Make reconciliation easier with detailed payout reports that provide a clear day-by-day breakdown of all deposits, including payouts spanning two or more days. This will enable brands to more easily match numbers with sales that happen on weekends and holidays.

Expo native app preview

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Expo native app

Increase the deployment speed of Expo across all locations with new native iOS and Android apps that make it seamless to register and authenticate devices using your preferred multi device management (MDM) software.

User role options list preview

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Engage role-based access controls

Maintain brand integrity while empowering your team to take action with new flexible Engage dashboard user permissions and access rules. Role-based access controls are ideal for a variety of use cases such as local store marketing, franchisee management, and distinguishing campaign creation and publishing permissions.

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If you’re already an Olo customer, reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more about these features. If you’re not using Olo yet, contact our team to start a conversation.

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