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P.F. Chang’s, a popular concept known for scratch-made Asian cuisine, leverages our Host and Marketing solutions—in addition to Ordering, Dispatch, and Rails—to gain an end-to-end understanding of its guests, manage its busy restaurants, deliver a personalized experience, and make data-backed decisions to maximize revenue and growth.


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To provide a consistent guest experience, P.F. Chang’s needed a seamlessly integrated tech stack that would offer an end-to-end understanding of its guests. The brand was specifically looking for a table management system, reservation software, and restaurant CRM that would enrich the data from its loyalty program and existing Olo solutions.

Results with Olo


Overall Impact

With a fully integrated tech stack, P.F. Chang’s has gained a single, 360-degree view of each guest and every step of their journey. With this insight into guest lifetime value (GLV), behavior, preferences, and trends, the brand has been able to optimize the dining experience, more effectively manage and serve guests, and tailor marketing communications to individual needs and interests.


Experience Using Host

Our optimized table management system has enabled P.F. Chang’s to effectively manage and communicate with on- and off-premise guests, and use data to improve execution at the front door. The brand can also spot loyalty members easily to ensure they get a personalized, VIP experience at every interaction.

Our easy-to-use reservation and waitlist system gives P.F. Chang’s the power to maximize reservations by location and eliminates friction for guests with real-time updates and more accurate wait quotes.


Experience Using Marketing

With our Marketing solution, P.F. Chang’s can send pre-built email and SMS marketing automations triggered by guest details from our all-in-one restaurant CRM. This is key to deepening relationships with guests, providing a consistent experience on- and off-premise, and maximizing LTV.

Recognition and personalization are critical to designing an elevated guest experience, particularly for our rewards members. With Olo’s Host and Marketing solutions, we’ve gained access to valuable insights like guest lifetime value, which enable us to not only customize the dining experience but also to tailor our culinary innovation and growth as a brand to the preferences and desires of our guests. That’s a huge unlock.
Art Kilmer, COO
P.F. Chang's

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