Olo Fall Release 2022

For our Winter Release Event, we’re excited to showcase several features that empower brands to do more with less and deliver better digital hospitality to their guests. Highlights include Borderless general availability for brands using Olo Pay, geolocation partner notifications in Expo to ensure a great guest experience, and computed properties in GDP to enable more robust segmentation.

New features

Olo Pay Borderless

We’ve expanded Borderless to make accelerated guest checkout available to all Olo Pay brands with custom front ends, in addition to those with Olo Serve. Now all brands can unlock the benefits of Borderless Olo Pay for their guests and their business, on their ordering websites and apps.

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QR Code Ordering Table Number
QR Code Ordering Table Number

Ordering from our QR code solution just got more flexible! When dining on-premise, guests can now quickly and easily update their table number right from their device. This makes changing tables to better see a game or leave an existing table to dine with friends effortless.

Olo Pay Single Deposit
Olo Pay Single Deposit

Single Deposits are now available with Olo Pay, enabling brands to receive one deposit across all locations instead of receiving individual deposits for each location. This feature makes reconciliation simpler and less time consuming and reduces costs for brands who pay their bank a fee for receiving deposits

Geolocation Partner Notifications
Geolocation Partner Notifications

To further streamline front-of-house operations, we’re introducing geolocation notifications. Brands using geolocation partners will now be able to see approaching and arrival notifications for guests on Expo, eliminating the need for multiple tablets. Expo will highlight items that should be prepared as the guest arrives at the restaurant so that you only serve the freshest food and reduce the time the guest is onsite.

Geolocation Partner Notifications
Rails Pause & Return Controls

We’ve increased Rails functionality by putting additional controls in place to manage capacity by order channel at each store. This new feature enables store managers to temporarily disable and automatically re-enable Rails marketplace orders while maintaining the flow of direct orders. Brands can schedule their re-enablement when disabling an order channel at the store to ensure channels are enabled at the appropriate time.

GDP Computed Properties
GDP Computed Properties

To create more robust segmentation and further power personalization, calculations tied to guest behavior (i.e. count of orders completed in the last 30 days) will be kept up-to-date in our Guest Data Platform via Computed Properties. These always-on calculations can be used for analytics, advanced segmentation, campaigns, and automated marketing journeys—further enabling restaurants to make every guest feel like a regular.

Additional features

Olo Sync
Sync Updated Business Hours

Expanded functionality to allow store managers to configure unique Olo Sync store hours and store hour overrides. This enables brands to syndicate physical store operating hours from the Olo Dashboard, unique from their other ordering modules (direct, Rails, Dispatch) to Sync listing partners.

Olo Ordering
Multiconcept ordering updates

Brands leveraging Olo for multiple concepts can now manage store availability and enable/disable multiple concepts simultaneously in the Olo Dashboard. These features streamline operations for brands managing several concepts across channels that operate out of the exact same physical location, such as virtual concepts, ghost kitchens, and catering.

Olo Host
Host Requested Reservations

Allows restaurant operators to curate a list of guests who are waiting for a reservation, but have been unable to secure their desired date/time. This helps operators manage tables more efficiently and guests get as close to their desired dining time as possible.

Olo Marketing
Marketing Email Analytics

Enhanced reporting enables brands to dive deeper and drive more actionable insights to improve email stats and marketing ROI.

Partner User Management

Enables brands to easily enable, modify, and disable partner permissions within Olo’s Dashboard to increase control and security.

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