Dec 21, 2023
Noah Glass
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Holiday Message to Friends of Olo

What's inside:

Why 2023 was a pivotal year for restaurant technology and the restaurant industry

Olo's mission to enable Hospitality at Scale™

The unveiling of our new brand narrative video

Dear Friends of Olo -


Continuing the momentum of the last few years, 2023 marked another pivotal year for restaurant technology and the restaurant industry. Online ordering for pick-up, where Olo started 18 years ago, is now table stakes for restaurant brands of all sizes. And there’s increasing interest in new digital realms like on-premise and drive-thru digital orders, personalized guest engagement, frictionless checkout, AI, robotics, and autonomous vehicles. Exciting, isn't it?

On the other hand, some people express reservations. Are we sacrificing the human touch that makes dining out special? Do we risk turning our beloved restaurants into impersonal, automated spaces? These concerns are valid and they stem from our deep-seated love for the unique experiences restaurants offer.

Restaurants are more than just places to savor a meal—they're where memories are made, and connections are forged. We especially cherish the familiarity of our local spots and the warmth of a team member who remembers our name or order. It's the Cheers effect. It's been very hard—nearly impossible—to replicate at scale. 

Olo's mission is to change that: to enable Hospitality at Scale™  and live at the intersection of technology and hospitality. Where high-tech can be more high-touch, not less. A world where every guest can feel like a regular. I believe we can achieve that vision together and Olo is in a unique position to help restaurants do so.

Olo processes over 2 million transactions per day across our portfolio of 600+ restaurant brands, generating a treasure trove of data. We know if someone always removes cheese from their burger. We know if someone orders three shots of espresso in the morning and only one if it’s after noon. We know if they’ve been to a brand dozens of times but never to this location. All of those pieces, with the guest’s permission, can be shared to craft personalized experiences for regulars and first-timers alike, irrespective of the brand, the number of employees, the service model, or the handoff mode.

Our promise to you is clear: we're here to Accelerate the Future of restaurant technology—a concept that’s brought to life in our new brand narrative video. In 2 short minutes, you can learn how we got to where we are today, and where we’re headed.  

From our pioneering role two decades ago to our ongoing commitment, we look forward to partnering with each of you to deliver meaningful, cutting-edge solutions through our open ecosystem and three solution suites: Order, Pay, and Engage. Innovations like Borderless, which provides a secure and passwordless sign-in and check-out experience across participating Olo brands, exemplify our ongoing dedication to Hospitality at Scale. 

When I think about Olo’s mission, I consider the vital and urgent role of hospitality in today's world. Amidst disheartening news cycles, it's evident that respect, curiosity, and empathy are often in short supply. Here, I see hospitality as an antidote—a force for positive change. As we approach the new year, let's carry the spirit of our mission, and may we usher in a more hospitable world together.

I express my sincere gratitude for your partnership and wish you a joyous holiday season. We're proud to be on this journey together. Let’s go!

My best, Noah

Olo | Hospitality at Scale™

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