Jun 1, 2023
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Team Olo Spotlight: Denise Cox and Shad Foos

This article outlines:

An introduction to Denise Cox, EVP Customer, and Shad Foos, EVP Marketing

How customers will benefit from Olo’s investment in growth

What Denise and Shad are most excited about at Olo—and the restaurant industry at large


At Olo, we’re continuously investing in growth—within our company and in support of our customers' digital transformation. The newest additions to our leadership team, Denise Cox and Shad Foos, are evidence of that commitment.

Denise, our new EVP Customer, brings over 25 years of experience in high-tech customer leadership at Omnicell, Cisco, and NetApp. And Shad, our new EVP Marketing, has dedicated his career to building integrated marketing teams and driving brand strategy at B2B SaaS and B2C companies, including SMG.

We asked them both to share what attracted them to Olo, how customers will benefit from their leadership, and what they’re most excited about at the company and for the restaurant industry at large.

What attracted you to Olo? And this role, in particular?

Denise Cox: (1) Noah's vision of the Restaurant of the Future, (2) Olo's approach to customers as true partners—we are fully invested in the success of our customers, and (3) the excitement and support employees have around the Olo culture and the opportunity.

Shad Foos: I love to build and mentor teams, as well as stand up and evolve functions. Olo is an established brand and leader in the space but functions like a start-up. I love working in the restaurant space and consider Olo to be B2B2C, which plays to my combined strengths. Diego Panama (Chief Revenue Officer) and I share a vision for how we can take Olo into its next chapter of growth. Everyone I met through my recruiting, hiring, and onboarding journey confirmed I'm in the right place.


What can Olo customers look forward to with you leading your department?

DC: Customer experience is a differentiator to maximizing the value customers receive from products, and ongoing service and delivery innovation are essential to Customer Success. Olo customers can look forward to me and my team being true trusted advisors. I am committed to being accessible and transparent in our partnership to ensure we help our customers work to achieve their desired business outcomes.

SF: As a cohesive Marketing function, we will help customers better understand how Olo’s evolving solutions work together, what their ideal digital journeys can and should look like, plus different ways to build more personalized, profitable relationships with guests. Additionally, there are significant opportunities to introduce Olo to new brands across categories and geographies.


What are you most excited about at Olo—and for the restaurant industry at large?

I am excited for Olo to be the leader in enabling the restaurant industry to deliver exceptional guest experiences through the use of digital services that make each guest feel cared about.

SF: I'm looking forward to helping foster career growth across my team as we contribute in new ways to the growth of the business. I'm excited to package and position future products, establish an even more powerful brand, and generate content that ultimately helps our customers grow their businesses. When our customers are successful, we're successful. Let's go! 

To learn more about Olo and apply for one of our job openings, visit our careers page.

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