Mar 1, 2023
 min read

Introducing the Restaurant of the Future

This video outlines:

What restaurant guests will expect in the years ahead

How technology will transform the dining experience on-premise and off-premise

How Olo is uniquely positioned to make this vision a reality for our customers

This week, during the fifth anniversary of Beyond4, Olo’s annual customer conference, our Founder and CEO Noah Glass gave attendees a glimpse at the restaurant of the future—and how we plan to bring that vision to life.

In the video, embedded below, you’re invited to imagine an elevated dining experience wherein every guest touchpoint is enhanced by technology.

Come along as we explore the limitless possibilities for data-driven personalization, optimization, convenience, and overall hospitality across different service models, from drive-thru to delivery, full-service, and beyond.

Click the play button below to start watching.

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