2023 Winter Release

The latest Olo enhancements enabling restaurants to accelerate the future

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Released in Q4 2023

Each quarter, Olo releases a number of product enhancements—aligning customers’ evolving needs with our long-term vision and strategy to develop a roadmap that delivers tomorrow’s technology today.

In Q4 2023, Olo rolled out eight major enhancements focused on helping restaurant operators unlock new revenue streams and create a more seamless, convenient ordering experience
for guests.

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Catering+ Enhancement: Tax-Exempt Status with Flexible Controls in the Olo Dashboard

To fully capitalize on the resurgence of catering as one of the top growth channels for restaurants, brands must be able to tap into the critical segment of 1.7 million registered tax-exempt organizations in the U.S.

We are continuing to invest in Olo’s Catering+ solution with the ability to recognize and authenticate tax-exempt status within the Olo Dashboard. Users can now authorize tax-exempt status for guests, validate expiration dates on file, apply appropriate pricing, and complete catering orders for tax-exempt organizations.

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Split Check Capabilities + Guest Survey Integration for Pay at Table Customers

With splitting checks being a common headache for guests and servers alike, Olo’s Pay at Table solution allows guests to simply scan a QR code on the receipt and elect to split equally, split by items, or define specific amounts contributed by each guest. In addition to enhancing the guest experience by allowing guests to pay on their personal device—including support for mobile wallets—servers benefit from quicker table turns and higher tips on average.

Customers using Olo’s Sentiment solution can also integrate with Pay at Table to trigger post-transaction surveys and get in-the-moment feedback on the guest experience.

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Olo's Seamless Checkout Now Available to Brands on Olo Serve

Borderless is now available to all Olo brands on Serve, enabling more restaurants to provide their guests with a convenient online ordering experience.

With Borderless, guests can easily sign-in and checkout at any brand that has enabled Borderless without having to remember a password or re-enter their information each time they place an order. Previously only available to Olo Pay customers, Borderless has proven to help brands on Serve increase guest account sign-ins, grow order frequency, and improve checkout conversion rates by up to 7.5%.

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Olo Engage Marketing Campaign Approvals

With expanded role-based access controls and new in-platform workflow functionality, multiple users can collaborate on creating and launching campaigns within the Engage Dashboard. To help brands scale their marketing programs, this enhancement enables Engage customers to designate individual dashboard users with approval permissions and an intuitive interface to automate the approval request.

Olo Pay Enhancement: Enhanced Security Against Account Takeovers

With account takeover incidents increasing across e-commerce verticals, this enhancement enables brands to prompt guests to re-enter their CVV when using saved cards for specific transactions. Olo will work with each customer to determine under what circumstances they want to initiate a CVV revalidation to a guest.

Loyalty Login via Phone Number for Kiosk Ordering

Rather than requiring guests to input their email and password to accrue and redeem loyalty points when ordering on a kiosk device, this new Order API endpoint allows guests to link orders to their loyalty account by inputting just their phone number. Available to customers using any of our kiosk partners, this functionality helps brands, increase speed of service, improve the guest experience, and drive loyalty program adoption + usage.

Location-Level Lead Times +  Peak-Traffic Guest Suggestions

To prevent guests becoming frustrated at longer-than-expected lead times and potentially abandoning their cart, Olo’s Serve & Ordering API features new capabilities that allow brands using custom front-end ordering platforms to surface location-level lead times. Calls to action can be added throughout the ordering experience to recommend alternatives such as scheduling the order for a later time or selecting a less-busy location.

Coupon Item Exclusion

When generating a coupon (offering $ or % off the order total), brands now have the advantage of excluding specific menu items from the discounted amount. This empowers brands to control which items, such as premium modifiers and alcohol, remain unaffected by the coupon, ensuring flexibility in promotional strategies.

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Innovation Impact Spotlight:

Early Results from One of Our Fall 2023 Enhancements

Auto Dispute Responses Lead to Higher Response Rates + Win Rates

Released in Q3 2023, Olo Pay's Automated Dispute Response feature activates just before dispute deadlines, automatically responding to certain disputes that have not been addressed by our customers. Based on a pre-/post-analysis of response rates and win rates in the month leading up to the release compared to the month following its rollout, Olo Pay customers saw increases in both metrics—demonstrating immediate business impact while reducing the need for manual intervention.

Dispute Response Rates



Dispute Win Rates



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