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Slim Chickens opened in 2003 in Fayetteville, Arkansas with a focus on delicious chicken with a southern flair in a fast-casual setting. Two decades and thousands of happy guests later, it’s clear that there’s something special about Slims’ hand-breaded chicken tenders, wings, craft sandwiches, and house sauces that keep loyal fans coming back for more. Southern hospitality is not just for the South; everyone everywhere can appreciate honest food while socializing with friends and neighbors.


Increase in direct order volume


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For over five years, Slim Chickens has been building better guest experiences with digital solutions. After launching Ordering back in 2017, they added Dispatch, Rails, and Switchboard to expand their offerings. With plans to rapidly scale, Slim Chickens looked for new ways to expand their reach and streamline restaurant operations. 

Adding Sync in 2022 enabled Slim Chickens to operationalize manual listings management tasks, reduce restaurant onboarding time, and track listings' ROI. Once deployed, their team was able to update local listings with ease, eliminating redundant and time-consuming tasks. In addition, Sync ensured that the latest online ordering information was visible, driving guests to order direct through location-specific links. All this combined with detailed analytics and support gave Slim Chickens new ways to learn about their guests and deliver a better experience.

Results with Olo


Automate time-consuming tasks & improve operations

Employees no longer need to worry about manually updating listings information on many different platforms. Changes made in the Olo Dashboard to store hours, contact details, 86’ed menu items, and ordering links are now automatically pushed to Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and 50+ other sites.


Improve SEO & drive more traffic

Restaurant information updates through Sync guarantee Slim Chickens is capitalizing on SEO opportunities. Accurate and thorough data has improved search rankings ensuring the brand appears at the top of search results and that guests know when and how to order. What’s more, restaurant-specific links reduce the number of clicks required to start the ordering process saving guests’ time and increasing conversion rates.


More data, more sales

By leveraging Sync tracking, Slim Chickens can identify conversions from Google, Facebook, and other properties to fully understand listings’ ROI. Looking at this data across locations and regions helped to quickly understand how restaurants are performing. This data has also allowed Slim Chickens to make data-driven decisions about where to focus their marketing spending.

Sync has streamlined our store update process, cutting the time it takes to make changes in half. Through Sync, our Switchboard operators can manage call-in orders, store hour overrides, and 86ing. As we rapidly open new Slim Chickens restaurants it is critical that we have a straightforward platform to train additional team members at scale.
Kristen Gage, Director of Marketing Technology
Slim Chickens

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